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HOPE Philosophy

At HOPE we believe that, given knowledge, tools and support, parents of acting out youth can achieve the confidence to positively change the dynamics within their families. This is achieved through creating healthy boundaries and implementing non-confrontational approaches.

We offer HOPE, RESPECT and SUPPORT in a non-blaming, safe environment.

At HOPE, our Parent Support Group assists parents, like you, whose life is being negatively affected because of our children’s disruptive behaviour. We are a self-help group of parents who have come together to assist each other in making the personal changes that are necessary to be more effective in dealing with our problems.

We are a gathering of parents only, here to give you suggestions that have worked for us and offer you HOPE, respect and support in a non-blaming, safe environment. Our children are NOT involved in our weekly meetings.



We are not professional counsellors – we are parents of acting out youth.

We are community based volunteers, diverse in professions, religions, and economics. We come from all walks of life, but share a life experience.


At HOPE (Helping Other Parents Everywhere) we share experiences and stories in a safe, non-blaming, non-judgmental environment.  At weekly meetings parents learn new, positive strategies for communicating with their children and for giving responsibility to their children for their choices, actions, and behaviours. The goal is to build respectful, loving parent-child relationships.

  • We listen and empathize; we do not lecture or try to control others.
  • We provide the support for parents to strengthen themselves and start rebuilding family relationships.
  • We educate and encourage parents on skills, strategies and approaches for managing their life situations.
  • We help unburden parents of their sense of failure and guilt.
  • We build community relationships with schools, agencies and police to educate them on the services we offer.

HOPE Executive and Board of Directors

HOPE Inc. has an Executive and a Board of Directors who are elected by the members who jointly oversee the activities of the organization. The Board consists of representatives from each of the HOPE Parent Support Groups.  The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

  • Leanne Lewis (President)
  • Sandra McQuade (Vice President)
  • Alison Willams (Treasurer)
  • Lisa Fannin (Secretary)

We currently have 4 HOPE PARENT SUPPORT GROUPS throughout Southern Ontario.

We have been providing support to parents in our community for almost fifteen years.
To date, HOPE (Helping Other Parents Everywhere) has over 300 members in the Toronto and Durham areas – all parents or guardians who have, or have had acting out youth.

We offer SUPPORT 24/7

Please call us at 1-866-492-1299/905-239-3577 or contact us.